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Planet View
Orbital Distance 5 AU
Orbital Period 11.2 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 0.996
Radius 63,511 km
Day Length 9.8 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayAthena NebulaIalessa System Third planet

Prerequisite: Priority: The Citadel II (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

The hydrogen-helium gas giant Zylium once provided fuel for ships flying to and from Sanves. The equipment here was noted for its efficiency. Business flourished in its orbital stations, which promised roomy bunks, hydroponic food and attention from charming asari hostesses while ships refueled. These stations are now blasted metal. There is no fuel, aid, or comfort here.

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