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Zaeed Character Box
Zaeed Massani
Mercenary Veteran
Voice Actor
Robin Sachs
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
“Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.”

Zaeed Massani is a feared, respected bounty hunter and mercenary soldier. Cerberus has contracted Zaeed to assist Commander Shepard in the mission to save mankind. In exchange, Zaeed requires help to complete another mission he had accepted beforehand, which is to liberate an Eldfell-Ashland Energy refinery from Blue Suns control.

Zaeed is only available through the Zaeed - The Price of Revenge DLC pack.

Mass Effect 2

Weapon proficiencies


ME2 Revenge


Zaeed Massani is notorious as the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and mercenary soldier. After Zaeed is hired by Cerberus, Shepard is instructed to go to Omega to pick him up. Heavily scarred and well-equipped, he joins the mission exclusively for the money being paid to him by Cerberus. During his loyalty mission, he reveals that he co-founded the Blue Suns with his partner Vido Santiago, who eventually betrayed him and shot him in the face.

Cerberus sends Shepard an e-mail entitled Deal Struck with Zaeed Massani.

From: Illusive Man


We've reached an agreement with veteran mercenary Zaeed Massani. You may know the name; Zaeed has been involved in some of the best known (and some utterly unknown) military operations in the Terminus Systems, and is feared as a ruthless and relentless bounty hunter. I felt you might need a man with his skills on your mission, so I arranged to have him join you.

You will find him on Omega, where he's wrapping up his current bounty. Don't worry about his fee; I've taken care of that personally.


Main article: Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

Upon recruiting Zaeed, he will inform Shepard that prior to his contract with Cerberus, he has another active contract that is not yet finished. He asks that the Commander fulfill this side of the contract by traveling to Zorya.

Zaeed knows Vido is on Zorya, and when the squad arrives he tells Shepard about his conflict with Vido. Upon finding Vido in his base, Zaeed intentionally initiates a compressed gas fire which eventually spreads throughout the facility. Shepard can then choose to either put out the fires, thus saving innocent workers, or pursue Vido. If Shepard puts out the fire, Vido escapes in a gunship and Zaeed is enraged with Shepard — Shepard can convince Zaeed to work together as a team, thereby securing his loyalty, but only with great difficulty. Otherwise, Zaeed's loyalty is not secured. If Shepard pursues Vido, Zaeed shoots Vido in the leg and then kills him by throwing a heatsink into the puddle of fuel Vido is lying on, burning him to death.

If Shepard travels to Zorya after the suicide mission, and is a Paragon, and has at least two more squadmembers left, then there will be an option to leave Zaeed to die when a metal beam collapses on him.

Successful completion of the mission will unlock Zaeed's power Inferno Grenade, his alternate outfit, and the "Revenge!" achievement.

Mass Effect 3

ME3 Zaeed Citadel

Zaeed returns to fight the Reapers, provided he survived Shepard's attack on the Collector base. Apparently, a few months after the Collector Base mission, Cerberus contacted Zaeed and offered him a job. However, the negotiations went badly and Zaeed now seeks out jobs that hinder Cerberus' operations.

After the Cerberus coup attempt, C-Sec gets a tip that a volus ambassador, Din Korlack, was feeding information to the shadowy organization. In reality, though Korlack had ties to Cerberus while they were fighting the Collectors, he had second thoughts and cut them after the invasion. Upon investigating further, Shepard realizes that Din was kidnapped by mercenaries led by Zaeed. Fortunately, Shepard is able to remotely give Korlack information that causes Zaeed to realize he'd been duped. Zaeed kills the other mercs and saves Korlack, who gives information about a pending Cerberus attack on a turian colony, as well as the support of the volus bombing fleet. Zaeed also pledges his support to Shepard's war effort. If Zaeed wasn't loyal to the mission, he will die saving Korlack. Oddly enough, he won't appear on the memorial wall on the Normandy's crew deck.

If he survives, the Commander can speak with him in London before the final battle. If Shepard chooses to destroy the Reapers, Zaeed is briefly shown lounging on a chair on a tropical beach.


  • Zaeed's neck shows a tattoo of the Blue Suns' insignia, a souvenir of his time as the leader of the Blue Suns.
  • The name "Zaeed" is an Anglicization of an Arabic name (زيد), and means "one who progresses and makes other people progress".
  • Zaeed is one of only two squad mates (the other being Kasumi Goto) whose loyalty mission is available straight away after recruiting them. He is also one of four squad mates without a mission tied to his recruitment (the other three being Jacob, Miranda, and Kasumi).
  • Zaeed is the first squad mate who does not have any dialogue options when the player talks to him (the other being Kasumi). Instead, he, as well as some items in his proximity, can be interacted with, prompting him to reminisce or comment on the team or his earlier missions. Zaeed will be as talkative and mission-specific opinionated as any other party member during missions, however.
  • Due to a possible writing error, during Archangel's recruitment mission, Zaeed will advise Shepard to get the shutters open, rather than closed.
  • The wall opposite Zaeed bears a design marked "55" with five knives firmly stuck into it. The presence of similar knives on a crate near Zaeed indicates that he has been using it as a dartboard.
  • Robin Sachs, who voices Zaeed, was a BioWare regular, voicing Saul Karath in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Lord Pyral Harrowmont and Murdock in Dragon Age: Origins, and Seneschal Varel in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • Zaeed's mismatched right eye and surrounding facial area appears to have been surgically grafted onto his face; it is likely the point-blank gunshot wound he sustained blew off this part of his face and had to be reconstructed.
  • In Mass Effect 3, Liara's data terminal indicates several purchases Zaeed made in preparation for war. Among these were a weapon repair kit and parts for a discontinued Avenger rifle series. This suggests that Zaeed wanted to go on one final mission with his beloved rifle, Jessie.
  • As with all squad members, Zaeed has unique dialogue that can be heard at various locations, during missions or assignments, or if a specific squad member is in the selected team.
  • The Shadow Broker has files on Zaeed Massani which can be accessed aboard his ship.


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