Yevara are a subterranean species found on Voeld and an important part to angaran folklore. The yevara are able to communicate through intricate songs. Today, only static recordings of their songs can be heard.

The Scourge trapped the yevara beneath a thick layer of ice on Voeld. Angaran biologists are studying how they survive beneath the ice but have yet to find an answer. The yevara are cut off from food and oxygen but they still persist. A biologist on Voeld theorizes that yevara are Remnant.

The angara have old folktales about the creatures. The stories about the yevara are the only ones that survived the scourge and most of them have the same theme: "A yevara's song is so beautiful, it can coax out the sun out of hiding, reveal the stars."

Reports of Exiles, poaching the yevara are brought to the attention of the Pathfinder. Its later revealed that the Exiles were merely hired help. Dr. Lekaaret, an angara scientist has been attempting to use the creatures in her effort to help the Resistance's war on Voeld. If confronted by Pathfinder Ryder, the angara can be allowed to keep studying the yevara, or persuaded to stop the poaching.