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William "Bill" Spender is the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs for the Andromeda Initiative.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Nexus UprisingEdit

At the start of the Nexus uprising, Spender discovered Calix Corvannis and his crew raiding the armory. Instead of immediately calling security, Spender decided to wait a minute or two, figuring he'd side with the winning faction.

Eventually, when the Nexus leadership chose to wake Nakmor Morda and her warriors, Spender was sent to negotiate for their cooperation, with the promise that he'd be promoted to chief of staff. Spender overplayed his hand by promising Morda a seat on the Nexus council. Once the uprising was quashed and the agreement came to light, Spender disavowed any knowledge of the deal and was privately reprimanded, though he was publicly credited for ending the uprising.

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