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“Making deals to get the things you want, shooting at the things you don’t. That’s me.”

Vetra Nyx is a member of Ryder's squad. She, along with Drack, can accompany the Pathfinder on a mission to the planet Kadara in order to obtain information from Sloane Kelly.

Vetra was born on Palaven and resided in too many places to count prior to enlisting with the Andromeda Initiative. She arrived in Andromeda via the Nexus alongside her younger sister Sidera. She is of the opinion that family ties are more important than venturing deeper into the galaxy.

Surviving the rough world of smugglers and mercenaries requires street-smarts, adaptability and cunning, qualities that serve Vetra well in Andromeda. Her experiences have taught her the importance of having someone to watch your back, and she’ll do anything for the people she considers friends and family.

Vetra is a potential romantic interest for both of the Ryder twins.

References Edit

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