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Location: Milky WayKite's NestHarsa System Third planet

Description Edit

Verush is a hydrogen-helium gas giant named for an ancient batarian monarch whose empire spanned continents. He had such a penchant for mating that 0.6 percent of modern batarians claim to trace their lineage to him.

The planet's moons are named after his many recognized wives. The largest, Bira, concealed Prothean ruins that helped the batarians develop FTL travel. It is a batarian point of pride that, since the ruins were damaged by earthquakes, they had less information to go on than other spacefaring species.

The Reapers have destroyed all obvious military outposts in Verush's orbit. The batarian's notorious secrecy, however, may have allowed concealed subterranean facilities on Verush's moons to survive.

Search and Rescue Edit

Main article: Search and Rescue

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