Vederia Damali is an asari commando who joins the Andromeda Initiative and serves under Sarissa Theris and Pathfinder Matriarch Ishara.

After Matriarch Ishara is killed by kett and Sarissa Theris is promoted to Pathfinder, Vederia becomes Sarissa's second and next in line for the position, although her training is incomplete and she has little combat experience. When Pathfinder Ryder locates Ark Leusinia, Vederia helps them find the cause of the Ark's power drainage and defeat the kett boarders.

When Ryder discovers that Sarissa lied about Ishara's death, Ryder can expose Sarissa and make Vederia the new asari Pathfinder. Cora Harper then mentors Vederia to help prepare her for the role.

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