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Varren Alpha
Varren Alpha
ME-Enemy Container-H
Type Organic
Armament None (melee)
Abilities Class Power ME2 Icon Berserker Charge
Health High
Locations Feros

The Varren Alpha is the leader in a pack of varren. It is encountered during the assignment Feros: Varren Meat.

One of the colonists informs Shepard that the food supply of Zhu's Hope is running low. If Shepard goes to investigate, a bunch of varren will confront the crew. After killing all the varren, the alpha male makes its appearance.

Tactics Edit

  • Because the Varren Alpha is tougher than the average varren, it will charge faster and hit harder. It can kill in just a few hits with its massive bite, so keep moving and use your squad members to aid you.
  • Kinetic biotics like Singularity, Lift and Throw are helpful in dealing with the Varren Alpha.
  • Neural Shock is good to knock the varren down for few seconds.

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