Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Vaotessa

Vaotessa is a medium system with four planets and an asteroid belt. In the years between the dark age brought on by the Scourge and the kett invasion of the Heleus Cluster, the angara believed Vaotessa was home to intelligent alien life. The system was the subject of countless angaran novels and vids.

Fen Sayat Edit

Fen Sayat is the first planet orbiting the star Vaotessa.

Main article: Fen Sayat

Netiquur Edit

Netiquur is the second planet orbiting the star Vaotessa.

Main article: Netiquur

Prachonyi Edit

Prachonyi is the fourth planet orbiting the star Vaotessa.

Main article: Prachonyi

Stodraan Edit

Stodraan is a moon orbiting the planet Irivosna.

Main article: Stodraan

Vessel Edit


  • Ship ident: Unknown
  • Ship name: Unknown
  • Crew complement: Unknown
  • Status: N/A


This kett survey vessel appears to have been searching the asteroid field for life before it suffered an engine failure. A select few rock samples have miraculously survived.

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