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Vamshi ME
System View
Stellar Mass N/A
Stellar Class A4 V 1, M5 III 1
Luminosity N/A
Planets 3
Moons 0
Asteroid Belts 0
Asteroids 0
Objects 0

Location: Milky Way / Armstrong Nebula / Vamshi

Vamshi is a small system with three planets. Vamshi is a binary system. Vamshi-A is a main-sequence white dwarf of spectral class A4 V 1 whose surface temperature is over 8667 K, giving it mass 2.1 and radius 1.7 sols (a bit more than A5 Beta Pictoris). Vamshi-B is an aging red giant of class M5 III 1 (temperature under 3500 K), over 220 times the diameter (and radius) of Sol: so, a radius on the order of 1 AU.

Almos Edit

Almos is the third planet orbiting the star Vamshi.

Main article: Almos

Maji Edit

Maji is the first planet orbiting the star Vamshi.

Main article: Maji

Pregel Edit

Pregel is the second planet orbiting the star Vamshi.

Main article: Pregel

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