An Alliance soldier knows the location of Prothean drives that could help with the Crucible project. Recover them from Garvug in the Valhallan Threshold and bring them to him at the Citadel docking bay.

Acquisition Edit

Overhear a soldier talking to his superior about the Crucible. He can be found right next to the door to the Normandy on the Citadel in Docking Bay D24. He is only present after the Cerberus attack on the Citadel.

Walkthrough Edit

Prothean datadrives dude
Scan Garvug in the Paz System, in the Valhallan Threshold Cluster to find the data.

Bring the Prothean data devices to the soldier to complete the mission and receive an update for the War Asset Alliance Engineering Corps. You are also rewarded with 5 reputation and 15,000 credits.

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