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Where were the salarian ships?

Zxjkl May 15, 2012 User blog:Zxjkl

So, moving away from all of the ending debates and multiplayer questions that ME3 has created, I wanted to take a moment to talk about another question that the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy has raised in my mind:

Why did we never see any salarian ships?

It's a fairly minor detail, of course, but it's one that really strikes me as odd. The salarians are among the most significant races in the ME galaxy; members of the Council with all that entails. The original Art of Mass Effect book depicted concept art for their ships that I, at least, liked a lot. But we never see any, in any of the games: not in the Citadel Fleet, not in the allied armada, not even as one of those pictures that War Assets get (the Salarian First and Third Fleet just have a generic WA_Alien image). So where were they all?

It is a minor detail, but it's one that I find unusual.

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