If they make a fourth ME they should have more customization like the choice of Species minus those who cant wield a gun and cant be taken seriously *BIG STUPID JELLYFISH* but not only that you should also be allowed to choose from several different voices, skin tones, classes, homeworlds, histories, and etc. Although this may not work for some people they may want to continue Shepsheps story and that would be fine maybe use the inter-species idea for an MMORPG or Multi-player. In addition i think they should add team-mate customization like in ME1 so they dont have the same armour but let you do the same thing that you do with your personal armour where you can add things. Multiplayer should have a story and not always have the same things, dont get me wrong i love what they did and having free map and character packs is awesome but maybe spice it up a little.

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