I'm sure that I can't be the ONLY one here who feels that the character development in ME3 was very, very weak, especially in comparison with Mass Effects 1 and 2.

We were promised a far superior level of character development in exchange for a smaller squad, yet all we got was the smaller squad.

Vega's got beef with his past, but doesn't really go into it. Garrus doesn't like being used for advice. Liara doesn't like Javik. Javik doesn't like this cycle. Ashley doesn't like you. Then she does like you. EDI isn't sure about dating Joker. Tali...I can't even remember what her thing was.

Seriously, BioWare? That's all we're getting? Even within that, most of the conversations with the team was just watching a subtitled conversation play-out - there was no real choice or interaction; no dialogue wheel.

Mass Effect 2 managed many more characters, each with many levels of development to them. Mass Effect 3 barely gave you anything.

I think that was my biggest let down with the game (ending aside).

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