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  • I live in Essex
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Yanxa

    ME3 PS3 DLC install issue

    August 19, 2013 by Yanxa

    I decided to treat myself to the complete collection for the PS3, and so I had to repurchase the DLC, which is fine. I'd made my way through most of the game (back up to Cronos Station), but am now unable to continue playing. Everytime I try to load the game, it tells me that "From Ashes, Citadel and Extended Cut are not installed". I've re-downloaded and re-installed them 3 times now, but it's still not recognising them. Does anyone know what the reason for this is, or if there's a work around?

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  • Yanxa

    I haven't actually seen any of the new Extended Cut DLC additions (I'm working through another play through of the game atm), but I'm curious as to whether it's what we'd all hoped for - do the endings no longer suck?

    Also, and keep it as spoiler free as possible, please - but do you get to see any new ships for the various races (specifically the salarians, hanar/drell, volus and elcor forces that you aquire, but didn't witness)? Hoping that this one's a yes.

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  • Yanxa

    I'm sure that I can't be the ONLY one here who feels that the character development in ME3 was very, very weak, especially in comparison with Mass Effects 1 and 2.

    We were promised a far superior level of character development in exchange for a smaller squad, yet all we got was the smaller squad.

    Vega's got beef with his past, but doesn't really go into it. Garrus doesn't like being used for advice. Liara doesn't like Javik. Javik doesn't like this cycle. Ashley doesn't like you. Then she does like you. EDI isn't sure about dating Joker. Tali...I can't even remember what her thing was.

    Seriously, BioWare? That's all we're getting? Even within that, most of the conversations with the team was just watching a subtitled conversation play-out - t…

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  • Yanxa


    I decided that I'd buy the offical Collector's Edition Strategy Guide (not because I planned on using it, but because I thought it'd make a nice addition to my Collector's Edition version of the game.

    For the entry about how the quarians and geth can resolve their differences, it claimed that certain criteria from ME2 had to be met; Tali survived, Legion survived, geth fighter squadrons mission compelted (ME3), and heretics killed. I believe that the last of these is a huge error - in the playthrough I'm currently doing, I rewrote the heretics, and yet I managed to make peace. Has any of you who killed the heretics managed to secure peace, and can any of you confirm that it's not the killers but the rewriters who secure peace?

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  • Yanxa

    Complaint and Compliment

    February 21, 2012 by Yanxa

    Today's complaint - Why do the volus call humans "Earth-clan", but don't call asari "Thessia-clan", turians "Palaven-clan" or salarians "Sur'Kesh-clan"?

    Today's compliment - Bioware is original enough to lauch copies of the game into space.

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