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    Blood Ties

    July 14, 2013 by Xx Nik xX

    Thellos shifts in her sleep, waking ever so slightly. She hears a voice she seemed to recognize. Her eyes flutter open, and she finds herself in the medbay on the Normandy. She sits up and looks around. The silver haired doctor from before comes to her side.

    "You shouldn't be moving yet," spoke the doctor. "I'm doctor Karin Chakwas. You've been under my care for about twenty-two hours. How are you feeling?"

    "I feel like I got hit by an old MAC truck," Thellos replied.

    "So tell me Thellos, what happened exactly?"

    "How do you know my name?"

    "When Ashley brought you in, she told me your name. She seemed quite worried."

    "Ashley? Worried? About me? Sure. I don't see us get along very well at all."

    "And why is that? Did something happen between you?"


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    Blood Meets

    July 14, 2013 by Xx Nik xX

    Year 2183

    Eden Prime

    The Geth swarmed the area. Thellos grabbed her pet snake, Katsuya, and ran to the back of the building locking and rigging all the doors to explode. She also set a combat drone in every room she passed, hoping beyond hope, that, that would keep the Geth from getting to her. Why are they here? For the beacon? she thought to herself. She had just manged to hide herself and Katsuya in the very back of the room, just out of sight, when she heard the first explosion go off. She tried her hardest to keep from squeaking in fear. She just knew that the Geth were going to find her and kill her. Shots were fired, presumably taking out the drones. She could hear them getting closer and closer. She finally heard the last of her dron…

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    July 14, 2013 by Xx Nik xX

    Disclaimer: I do not own anything even vaguely familiar to the Mass Effect series.

    I simply own this particular plot line and a select few characters.


    Year 2178

    Alliance soldiers swarmed the Cerberus facility. Room after room was cleared of all personnel. Experiments were carted out and processed. And then came the final room. There was no one inside. All lights were off, but there was this strange blue glow coming from the center of the room. The soldiers entered slowly, scanning the room carefully. All eyes fell on the large crystal tank in the center of the room. The soldiers approached, filing into the room. They circled the tank, noticing that there was a strange figure inside the glowing liquid.

    "Investigate," spoke the leading uni…

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