I imagine this topic has been beaten to death, but I never really have heard much of anything about it as far as feelings. The FUNimation movie, Paragon Lost, focuses on Vega. Seems pretty boring to me, but at least it focuses on a character that was actually in our squad and within the time frame we played.

But the Mass Effect film, according to the wiki will be "be an adaptation of the first game's story, centering on Commander Shepard's journey." I think this is a disastrous decision, but maybe I'm wrong. I certainly don't want to see any version of Shepard that isn't my own in what will be canon to audiences that never played the games. I also fear the game will lose it's integrity and what makes it great in a big budget Hollywood film format. Basically, I'm not looking forward to either of these films, for different reasons.

Although I do like what they're doing with the Homeworlds comic series, which is actually the first time I've been interested in something Mass Effect that wasn't the main games. I think I like it because it features party members I've grown to know and in some cases, love, and we find out more about them without presuming anything about our decisions about Shepard. I assume that's what the fanbase would also want for all things Mass Effect, but maybe I'm wrong.

What do you think?

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