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    With the official announcement of Mass Effect Andromeda it is time to start coming back into the community. Because really, is it ever too early to start the hype train?

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    As they say, "Hindsight is 20/20". That is true of many things in life. As an industry, developers can and will often look back at titles and lament about things that could have been fixed or changed. Usually with GotY releases or compilation releases, these same issues are ignored because there is no funding to improve or fix them. This is a series of things that in my opinion would guarantee another purchase from me in an anniversary edition. A business move I think would be very savvy to do before releasing new entries on the new console generation. I will present these game by game. Some will be simple, others more complex. I will try and justify them if I think they need to be in order for one to understand why I desire the fixes or c…

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    New multiplayer DLC. Featuring the Collectors, and new versions of them and it. Looks. GLORIOUS. Mass Effect 3: Retaliation

    Releases October 9th, 2012 for all platforms. Except for Euro PS3, that's the 10th.

    Direct Trailer Link - ME3: Retaliation

    Features include:

    Collector faction - Praetorian, Scion, Abomination, Trooper, and Captain

    New faction units - Cerberus Dragoon, Geth Drones (ugh).

    New character load outs. Some turian ones have been detailed and it looks like jet packs!? But more feasibly they are probably some sort of jump jet, originally used for locomotion and stability in zero-g environments. More to be detailed later.

    EDIT - Chris Priestly posted a few extra details on the BSN.

    "In addition to the Turian Havoc Soldier and Turian Ghos…

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    July 3, 2012 by Xaero Dumort

    Apparently this was posted a few days ago.

    Kalros!! Music video.

    Just sharing.

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    Everything below is one man's opinion and own analysis at attempts to reconcile certain aspects that did not sit well with him as presented by the fans or BioWare.

    Let's start with the simple one. Disproving IT in one sentence.

    "Warning: Indoctrinated presence detected." Uttered by a VI able to detect indoctrination and only goes off when Kai Leng enters the scene. If Shepard was indoctrinated then it wouldn't have even wasted time talking to him. At any time. There is no arguing this fact as to do so would completely nullify any argument you would have for Shepard being indoctrinated.

    As for synthetic and how it applies to the ending choices, that is bad writing, but helps put things into a better perspective.

    Control: Control Reapers


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