There are many different views about the mass effect 3 ending, I'm just going to talk about mine, I'm not here to debunk others, at least not primarily, and remember that this is my opinion, if you have different views then that's fine.

First of all, I was a late-comer to the mass effect party, and by late I mean everyone had passed out or left by the time I got there, I played the first mass effect around March 2013 ( told you I was late) but I did get all three game for £5 after trading in a few older games I didn't want anymore.

I purposely didn't download the extended cut to see what it was like without it, and while I was left with many questions, I felt like they didn't need to be answered, you can use your own imagination to make out what happened, it was part of the mystery. But the extended cut greatly improved it, it answered most of the questions and was an even better conclusion than the already fine original ending. I don't understand why people are still hurt by the ending, is it because Shepard died? (apart from the high EMS destroy ending)

I think Shepard had to die, it made the story feel more complete, in the end Shepard was killed by the reapers but he delivered the fatal blow that killed them before he died. (or ascending to become a catalyst type thing).

I prefer the control ending as I feel that it brings peace to the galaxy and can help rebuild everything, especially since my Shepard was a paragon. Destroy kind of dooms the other races of the galaxy, they have to rebuild everything themselves and can't use the mass relays until they figure out how they work and how to repair them.

People that complain that you have to make choice and that none of your choices matter, what do you want to happen? the choices you made lead you to this final decision, would it make you feel better if there were no colours? I just doner understand what you want to happen? If you're one of those people that hates the ending say why in the comments or send me a message or anything saying why, same thing goes for the different endings, control, destroy, synthesis or refusal, what ending do you prefer and why?

Thank you for read this, I guess you could call it a rant, Goodnight Lads!

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