HEY ANYONE READING THIS! how are you doing? I'm doing great thanks, I just recently got back int mass effect after I sold my xbox and most of my games including all three mass effects - In retrospect I'm not too sure why I sold mass effect - but I still had an xbox in the lounge and after a few weeks really wanted to get back into it so I bought the mass effect trilogy and after around four weeks I have completed my first play through in a long time. I always choose the control ending because I feel like it's the most heroic thing that Shepard can do, (just my opinion) people it says it shows that Shepard is losing because "he drops his gun", but then if you think about it, why would he need the gun to hold onto two handles? anyway I'm kind of getting off topic. I don't really know what the topic was to begin with but I'm sure I'm getting off it. Anyway this is my first blog entry and I'm still new to this whole thing so if anyone reads this and wants to help me or maybe play some games with me, bearing in mind I only have a few games at the moment, I'm on xbox but also have some games on steam, I'll talk about all of those in another blog, but for now if you want you can follow me on twitter @JoshGallop or whatever it is you do on here to get notifications whenever I do something remotely interesting, thanks for reading this, goodnight lads!

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