• Werewolfkid

    DLC Ideas

    March 19, 2012 by Werewolfkid

    My sister and I recently finished Mass Effect 3 and we loved every single minute of it, with the exception of the ending. However, there are still some lose ends to tie up and that is where DLC comes in. Thus, this blog will be devoted to what I consider good ideas for DLC.

    1. Retaking Omega with Aria.

    I was kinda ticked off that Aria was reduced to being a simple quest giver in Mass Effect 3 after what Cerberus did to her in Mass Effect Invasion. But, getting the opportunity to get Omega back from Cerberus would be simply awesome. I imagine that Aria is a guest squadmate with kickass biotic powers, the Adjutants become a new class of enemies, Omega becomes a valuable war asset, and we get to stick it to that Petrovsky Guy.

    2. Multiple Missio…

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