This is a script I created with GlovePIE that I'm using for Mass Effect 2 on the PC that uses the Xbox 360 controller. Most of the control scheme is modeled on that for the Xbox 360 version, which I don't have as of yet.

For how the controls work:
Left Stick is for forward/backward/strafe left or right movement in Combat Mode, with clicking in the Left Stick switching between Combat Mode and Vehicle Mode controls.
Right Stick is for aiming and turning.
D-Pad is for controlling your squad members.
A Button is for use or talk, and for storming, vaulting, and taking cover.
B Button is for melee attacks.
X Button is for reloading your weapon in Combat Mode, and for jumping in Vehicle Mode.
Y Button is for switching weapons in Combat Mode, and for mines in Vehicle Mode.
LB Button is for making your character walk.
RB Button is for the weapon and powers submenu near the bottom of the screen.
LT Button is for zooming into your target.
RT Button is for firing your weapon.
Back Button is for exiting combat stance.
Start Button is for the main menu.

To use the script listed below:
1. Download the GlovePIE controller mapping program, install it, and run it.
2. Copy the script listed below, paste it into the GlovePIE script window, and save it as "MassEffect2.PIE".
3. Click on the Run button in the program window. You should be able to move the mouse pointer around with the Right Stick.
4. Run Mass Effect 2 and you should be good to go!

if starting then var.Control = 1
//Movement - Left Stick
W = XInput1.Joy1Y > 0.2
S = XInput1.Joy1Y < -0.2
A = XInput1.Joy1X < -0.2
D = XInput1.Joy1X > 0.2
//Aiming Control - Right Stick
Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 7*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2X)
Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY - 7*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2Y)
Q = XInput1.Up //Order Squad to Attack Enemy
C = XInput1.Down //Order Squad to Return to Your Position
E = XInput1.Left or XInput1.Right //Order Squadmate to a Point or Target
//Alternate Combat & Vehicle Control Modes
if pressed(XInput1.LeftThumb) then{
   say("Vehicle Control")
if var.Control > 2 then{
   say("Combat Control")
   var.Control = 1
Space = XInput1.A //Use or Talk - A Button
F = XInput1.B //Melee Attack - B Button
if var.Control = 1 then {
   R = XInput1.X //Reload - X Button
   Mouse.WheelUp = XInput1.Y //Switch Weapon - Y Button
   E = XInput1.X //Jump - X Button
   V = XInput1.Y //Mine - Y Button
LeftShift = XInput1.RightShoulder //Weapon & Power Wheel - RB Button
LeftControl = XInput1.LeftShoulder //Walk - LB Button
Mouse.LeftButton = XInput1.RightTrigger //Fire Weapon - RT Button
Mouse.RightButton = XInput1.LeftTrigger //Zoom - LT Button
Escape = XInput1.Start //Main Menu - Start Button
H = XInput1.Back //Exit Combat Stance - Back Button

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