aka Victor George

  • I live in Westfield, MA
  • I was born on October 3
  • I am Male
  • VicGeorge2K9

    This is a script I created with GlovePIE that I'm using for Mass Effect 2 on the PC that uses the Xbox 360 controller. Most of the control scheme is modeled on that for the Xbox 360 version, which I don't have as of yet.

    For how the controls work:
    Left Stick is for forward/backward/strafe left or right movement in Combat Mode, with clicking in the Left Stick switching between Combat Mode and Vehicle Mode controls.
    Right Stick is for aiming and turning.
    D-Pad is for controlling your squad members.
    A Button is for use or talk, and for storming, vaulting, and taking cover.
    B Button is for melee attacks.
    X Button is for reloading your weapon in Combat Mode, and for jumping in Vehicle Mode.
    Y Button is for switching weapons in Combat Mode, and for mines in V…

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