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    Terminus Pack

    April 9, 2013 by VeteranCookie

    Mercenaries are like the ones in Mass Effect 2. It's a mix between all the major merc groups, including Blue Suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack. They have a mix of tech, biotics and krogan. They would make for an interesting opponent.

    Plagued is like husks, melee only. But, when one of them gets to you, you lose health over time. They dont have biotics, tech or any weapons! But, they do come in swarms which will destroy you if you are not careful. However, during the higher waves, Plagued Krogan and Batarians will come in, they attack with shotguns that have Polonium/Radioactive Rounds (From the first game) which are like poison bullets. The 'lore' for this is that during the reaper invasion, aliens all around the Terminus Systems have gone crazy…

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    • Creator: VeteranCookie

    Quarian Male Soldier:

    • Suit Boost [Marksman]
    • Arc Grenade
    • Shock Shot [Overload+Carnage]

    Asari Sentinel

    • Tech Armor
    • Slam
    • Overload

    Turian Infiltrator

    • Smoke Screen [Same effect as Centurion Smoke]
    • Overload
    • Proximity Mine

    Batarian Engineer

    • Assault Drone [Combat Drone that has more shields and does more damage. Can be upgraded for flame or rockets.
    • Tech Barrier [Red Biotic Sphere that damages enemies inside]
    • Incinerate

    Turian Cabal [Adept]

    • Biotic Spike [Pretty much warp that does damage on contact]
    • Lift Grenade
    • Throw

    Salarian Vanguard

    • Biotic Charge
    • Barrier
    • Reave

    • Creator: VeteranCookie

    Blood Pack Soldier [KROGAN]

    • Same Powers and stats, uncustomizable, with th…

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