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  • Tvirus1234

    Now, before I start, let me say that I loved Mass Effect 3. I preferred ME2, but that's beside the point. Mass Effect 3 was a great game, but it had its flaws: An almost 180 turn to auto dialogue, a bigger focus towards action, the game felt rushed at times and that piece of dog $%#@ ending. But I've found a new flaw, one from the fans: the Reapers and the fear they brought us. Think about it, during the course of the entire series until 3, we weren't sure of what the Reapers were truly capable of, even after we fought Sovereign (who, need I remind you folks, took TWO fleets to destroy, the Citadel Fleet and the Alliance Fleet). During the course of Mass Effect 2: Arrival, I was a little nervous after what I had scene before the end credit…

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  • Tvirus1234

    Now I know those who read the title will probably kill me for saying that, but just hear me out: For those who frequently talked to Javik, he will tell you that Protheans would take other races into their empire to the point where they thought of themselves as Protheans. Well, I recently played through ME1 again and found the statues looked wildly different to Javik. It could be that Javik is not an actual Prothean, but instead one of the races subjugated by the Protheans.

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