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Woohoo, October! Er... soon to be November!

Mass Effect 2

ME2 finally has a release date -- January 26 in North America, January 29 in Europe -- and screenshots and info keep flooding in. I know it's a pain, but please do your best to keep your edits fully sourced; comments such as "likely returning as a squad member" will be scrubbed. Sorry.

But the efforts of everyone who've been keeping those pages in order are MASSIVELY appreciated. You save us a lot of time and trouble, and help keep us a trusted source. In short: you do us proud.


In "The Loremasters" article for November's GameInformer mag, there's a screenshot of MEWiki's front page on the sidebar where they're discussing the role of fan wikis in game development. Okay, it's a tiny wee screenshot and whoever took it doesn't have AdBlock, but it's still immensely cool to see it there, and if you have a copy of GameInformer handy it might be fun to check it out.

Easy ways to help out

Just a reminder of some incredibly helpful things you can do:

  • Rank your favourite pages by hitting the star rating at the bottom (see this old blog entry for more)
  • Put a very quick note about your edit in the summary bar before saving (makes searching histories sooo much easier)
  • Categorise your images (only takes a sec when you're uploading, but saves loads of work later)


Here's some sweet new images you may have missed.

183px CSecTurian KaidanThrow
Humansme Jacobmirandabar AndersonTakesCharge


I got nothing. : ) Have a good Halloween (and Bonfire Night if you're in the UK).


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