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    February 14, 2010 by Tullis
    I'm still away from the wiki and will be for a little while longer. Work is using up a lot of my concentration and creativity, and to be honest, things seem to be going pretty well around here without me : ). I do want to come back sometime at the end of February, but probably in a more limited capacity.

    Besides I'm really enjoying my Insanity playthrough at the moment. I'm actually finding that Insanity difficulty adds an awful lot to the story. It makes every big battle into a tactical and logistical puzzle: did I bring the right squad members, do I need to respec my abilities, I need to carefully conserve my medi-gel, maybe I should switch to a different heavy weapon because I'll need it for that guy, etc. Feels very appropriate for a tale …

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    January News!

    January 13, 2010 by Tullis
    Huh. It's slightly less cold now.

    Recently we had a massive spate of vandalism over Christmas, and it's been popping up randomly ever since. This is partly due to our heightened profile since Mass Effect 2 is nearly out, and there's a new novel on the horizon. As a result, we've implemented a zero-tolerance policy over vandalism from "IP vandals" - people who just pop up on the wiki, vandalise an article and are never seen again. Those IP addresses are being permanently banned, no warnings. Like I've said elsewhere, wikis are catnip to idiots, and the bigger we get the more tempting we are.

    However, we've also been getting stealth vandalism lately; people who vandalise articles, and then immediately edit it out, as if it's some attempt to co…

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    Silverstrike and I are looking for volunteers to help overhaul the armour pages. As you may have noticed, they are currently strong on stats but bereft of images. The reason is partly because, since we introduced templates instead of handling the stats manually, the images also need to conform to a particular standard, and our armour images were a bit all over the place.

    The second reason is that, while we do have a fairly comprehensive set of human armour images available, they are "modelled" by the default Shepard, and we're making a concerted effort to keep Shepard images off the wiki. Therefore we've discussed that it makes more sense to use Kaidan and Ash as the human armour "models".

    What this boils down to is: we need some ve…

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    October News!

    October 29, 2009 by Tullis
    Woohoo, October! Er... soon to be November!

    ME2 finally has a release date -- January 26 in North America, January 29 in Europe -- and screenshots and info keep flooding in. I know it's a pain, but please do your best to keep your edits fully sourced; comments such as "likely returning as a squad member" will be scrubbed. Sorry.

    But the efforts of everyone who've been keeping those pages in order are MASSIVELY appreciated. You save us a lot of time and trouble, and help keep us a trusted source. In short: you do us proud.

    In "The Loremasters" article for November's GameInformer mag, there's a screenshot of MEWiki's front page on the sidebar where they're discussing the role of fan wikis in game development. Okay, it's a tiny wee screenshot an…

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    Improving the wiki in one click

    September 26, 2009 by Tullis
    New editors often ask what they can do to improve the wiki. There's obvious answers like addressing stubs, wanted pages, spelling and grammar checks, taking screenshots for pages that need them and so on. But there's a very simple way to help out that often gets overlooked.

    Page ratings.

    At the bottom of each wiki article is a star rating for that page, from 1-5. One click to rate the page develops our highest ranked articles list, which showcases the wiki's best work. This also helps the admins to see which pages people find most useful or appealing. That in turn lets us know what works so we can implement it elsewhere... maybe raising another page's ranking in the process.

    This is not a perfect system; several times I've seen editors five-s…

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