I've read many blogs and comments about why the ending suck and all the reasons in it that make it so crappy but i think an more intersting question here is why did Bioware make it so horrible?

Is it out of greed? Don't think so. Making an terrible ending that makes fans not wanting to buy more games from you is obviously bad for profit.

Is it out of lazyness? When most of the game is so well worked through i don't see why they would get so sloppy with the ending.

Did they run out of time? Even if that is the case it dosen't make sense that they would make the ending like this.

Do they actually think the ending is artistic? I myself wrote on my deviantart page that art is something an individual think is art and not something that can be placed into categories but i don't see how they can think that the ending has anything artistic about it.

Is it becuse the old script got leaked? Don't see why they thought giving us this ending was an good idea just becuse the script got leaked.

I also have an feeling that they had planned out the EC or an sequel from the beginnig. The reason for this is becuse you can wake up in the destory ending. The ending was obviously made before all the outrage about it had started up and this means that they where planning something, like an DLC or sequel.

So if you have any idea why Bioware would make such an atrocious ending then tell me why.

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