There's not many parts, if any, im disapointed about in ME3, except for one thing, that is when you "visit" Palaven. Cuz the first time i heard you were going there i thought it sounded pretty cool, but when you come there and you land on it's moon wich is not more intresting then Earths moon in ME i felt like they missd a chance. You get to go to The Asari, Quarian and Salarian homeworld and see more of how the Krogan culture once where so why did you not get to anything from the Turians side? And sure, out of an story perspective it make sense. When you visit like the Asari homeplanet it's been invaded only about a few hours ago compared to Palaven wich has been occupide in (i think) an day so there's probably not such an good idea to have your generals and stuff down there wich is the reason you go there in the first place.

Anyone who agrees?

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