Another rant about the ending you might think but this is not about how bad the ending is, the is about how i think the ending is one of the best i have seen in a game if you look at it in another perspective.

Cuz when i playde ME3, just like with ME2, it was not so much about destroying the Reapers as it was about keeping my squad members alive. So when i was at the end of the game, with does choises on what to do to the Reapers, it did not only bring up a feeling i will mention later, it did also bring up another feeling, and that was the sadness knowing you could not save everybody. Even do there were only 2 people i wanted to survive to the end and beyond, Garrus and Tali, i was still not able to save both, so when i saw the Reapers blow up/being taken control over/synthesis i was relly like 'yeah whatever' and when the mass relays blew up, it was the same kinda feeling, but when i saw the Normandy crashlanded on that planet, with Joker, EDI (i took the synt ending) and Garrus steping out, i just rememberd what Garrus said before you did the final push to the teleporter beam and, well, tears basically.

That other feeling i got was the feeling of that you relly had came far and how, quoting Garrus by the way, he's relly good at saying things, everything had come full circle, more then just then all that has happend in this game but in the entire series. From the beacon on Eden prime that started all this, had taken you so far. All the people you meet, all the things you done, all the places you been to, everyone who had died, how every game hade in on way or the other been about stopping the Reapers and now that you are finally there, at that point, it just made me think back and... well. It's been epic and seeing it coming to an end just make eyes water up.

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