As we all know, Mass Effect 3 have a multiplayer mode in it, something that i have mixed feelings about. The MP is fun (for a while) and i like that it is co-op and not some competitive mish mash. It was an interesting idea to mix all the powers and weapons of ME3 into a 4 player slaughter fest, Becuse after all, you've always bin bringing 2 NPC's with you in the sinleplayer, so how would this be if you made so those NPC's could be played by other people? Well the MP is the answer, kinda.

Why not in singleplayer?

That would be abit more fun. Instead of 4 players in an arena why not have 2 players fill up the role of whatever squadmates you bring with you? It would be like Uncharted 3's co-op Adventure mode.[1]

The problem with MP

One of the most common criticisms against the MP is the way it is connected to the singleplayer. This is only a real problem for people without (or with relly bad) internet connection. I do agree that the MP should not have such critical impact on your GR (Galactic Readiness). As far as i know, the only way to increase the GR is thourgh the MP, and if you don't have enough GR, then you are basically screwed when it comes to how well it will go in the final battle.

So why did BW and/or EA deside that it should be like this? That remains a mystery.

The future of this concept

So now i wonder, do you think that thier should be a MP in the next ME? Do you think that the game should only be MP? (aka MMO) Or should they just skip it allthoghter?

What do you think?

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Should it affect Singleplayer?

The poll was created at 20:06 on August 12, 2012, and so far 31 people voted.

I think that they should skip it allthoghter and focus on singleplayer. We don't need yet another game with multiplayer.

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