If you diden't catch that in the title then this is a blog about a number of questions i have about things in ME that diden't as far as i know got an explonation in the games. These aren't any questions in the style like "Who created the Reapers" but more about minor things. So well here they are:

1. On most Salarian clothing there is like an weird bow on the chest area. It's not like a part of thier body goes there cuz some Salarians don't have that bow, so what's it for?

2. Why does all Drell in MP have open parts on thier clothing? Thane also had this and according to the shadow broker terminal in ME2 he had that so it would make it easier for him to breath as he had kepler syndrom. Does this mean that all Drell in MP have that?

3. Does Garrus ever remove his visor thingy?

4. Many textures on PC version of ME are very low res even if i have all graphics settings on the highest. This some form of bug i heard and i wonder if there is any mod that fix this but also works on an version of ME that's downloded from Steam?

5. This is a sorta stupid question but can you transfer an save from ME2 to 3 if you died in the suicide mission?

6. Why can you not hijack Atlas mechs in multiplayer?

7. Is that Ray mjuju guy an actull doctor or is it something he just call himself. I know he has an medical exam or something but does he work at an hospital or something like that.

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