Hey guys, I was just playing through the Kasumi DLC for ME2 tonight when I noticed something weird. According to the codex and the planet bio, Bekenstein, where the mission takes place, is described as the most successful human colony and one of the first human worlds to be colonized outside of the sol system. What didn't make sense though is the both the bio and the codex said the colony was established in 2158 CE, which is roughly one year after the first contact war. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the planet is in a system directly next the the Citadel in the Widow Nebula. Why wouldn't one of the council races have colonized this garden world before hand?

I'm not big on criticizing developers for missing little things like that in such a large game, I just really like trivia like that. If any of you have found contradictions or plot holes in the Mass Effect series that Bioware missed, please share because I'm curious!

Side note: No contradictions that have to deal with anything that has been resolved through the extended cut DLC. In fact, nothing to do with ME3's ending because it's redundant and I don't want to hear it. Thanks!

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