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  • ThisIsZerge

    Bioware employees have been teasing quite a bit on their Twitter accounts recently, and here's something that I found rather interesting Ken Thain (cinematic director) at Bioware shared.

    Maybe they're working on a trailer? Or possibly cutscenes? There's no way to tell but I hope we'll see something interesting about Mass Effect Next on E3 this year.

    Link to the twitter post:

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  • ThisIsZerge

    I'm sure there's quite a bit of people that do wonder what's currently known about the next Mass Effect game. I'm here to sum up all the news and rumors that's been floating around the web the past 2-3 months about the next Mass Effect game.

    The first thing that’s known about the next game is that the support for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is being dropped, as a way to benefit the actual gameplay of the next Mass Effect game. Also, it was stated that Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be a template for the next Mass Effect game either. All of this was stated on the internet community Neogaf by the Bioware executive Aaryn Flynn.

    Mass Effect: Next will also future a improved combat system, which kind of have been revealed by Bioware themselves o…

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