Im sure this idea has popped into some other people's head, but Im wonder if the artist for the 8 page comic Mass Effect: Conviction has given us a glimpse of what the galactic newbies the raloi might look like. The comic is set before Mass Effect 3, and it depics how James Vega meets Shepard. In one scene, it shows James and some other guy jumping out a window. Below on the streets of I think omega you see a turian civlilian walking next to what seems like a new species not scene in Mass Effect. It apears squid-like, with what looks like tenticles dripping from its mouth. I have a little theory that this guy may be a raloi. A quick origin. The raloi send a probe into space and they meet a asari crusier, and become part of the galactic comunity. I have some reasons why this guy could be a raloi. For a start, the raloi are not a council species. It would make sense for a raloi to be on a lawless place like Omega, seeing as all species are welcome there. Allso, its a small traditons for each mass effect game (excluding Mass Effect Galaxy) to add a new race. Mass Effect's DLC Bring Down the Sky introduced the batarians. ME2 introduced the vorcha and the drell. The raloi should be introduced in ME3, or a DLC mission. This sounds pretty promising to me, but there are some problems... For a start, it could just be an easter egg the artist put in. Secondally, it dosent match the raloi's description. The raloi are bird like in apearence. The conviction alien is has four arms and a wierd squid face (though what I think are tenticles could be a beak?). All in all, its a possiblity, but I woud like to hear other opinion on this.

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