Ok, now the Reapers are destroyed and the Mass Effect Trilogy is over. But they have said that there will be more Mass Effect Games.I have had a suggestion for a while now and I wish to run it by you, my fine friends here at the ME Wiki.

Mass Effect: Origins (Working Title)

It tells the stories of several squadmates and characters from the Mass Effect Trilogy, the stories we've only heard about, but I think it would be cool to jump into these characters skins and play these prospective adventures from their POV and see the whole story such as...

Garrus Vakarian in his two years as Archangel on Omega,

Samara in her hunt for Morinth and confrontation with Nihlus,

Captain Gavorn as he continually works to keep the Vorcha out of Aria's sight,

Captain Anderson in his first confrontation with Saren,

Mordin Solus and his time with the STG,

Thane Krios as he hunts down the men who killed his wife, Irikah,

Jack as she escapes from Pragia,

Jacob Taylor and his experience on Eden Prime,

Javik as he tries to hold off the Reapers,

Zaeed Massani and his quest for vengeance against Vido Santiago,

Urdnot Wrex and that fateful day in the hollows with his father...,

Aria T'Loak as she takes Omega from "The Patriarch",

Tali and her experiences in the two years between ME1 and ME2,

Kal'Reegar and his life as a soldier,

Captain Bailey and his time running Zakera Ward,

Grunt and earning his place in Clan Urdnot

Okay so these were just the ideas I had thought up. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Do you think any of this is a good idea? --The Shadow User (talk) 14:22, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

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