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Everything begins with "C"

Ok, maybe I'm just weird but I felt the need to point this out. It seems that almost every important plot point in many of the Mass Effect games begins with the letter "C" Such as:

Mass Effect The main hub of the galaxy is the CITADEL

You are competing with Saren to find the CONDUIT

On Feros Shiala gives you the CIPHER

Mass Effect 2 The Normandy is destroyed by a COLLECTOR ship.

You spend the game gathering a squad to launch an attack on the COLLECTOR base.

Mass Effect 3 You find blueprints of a prothean device codenamed Project CRUCIBLE

To get the CRUCIBLE to work you have to find the CATALYST

You discover that the CATALYST is in fact the CITADEL.

Just saying. --The Shadow User 13:08, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

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