• The Shadow User

    Ok, now the Reapers are destroyed and the Mass Effect Trilogy is over. But they have said that there will be more Mass Effect Games.I have had a suggestion for a while now and I wish to run it by you, my fine friends here at the ME Wiki.

    Mass Effect: Origins (Working Title)

    It tells the stories of several squadmates and characters from the Mass Effect Trilogy, the stories we've only heard about, but I think it would be cool to jump into these characters skins and play these prospective adventures from their POV and see the whole story such as...

    Garrus Vakarian in his two years as Archangel on Omega,

    Samara in her hunt for Morinth and confrontation with Nihlus,

    Captain Gavorn as he continually works to keep the Vorcha out of Aria's sight,


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  • The Shadow User

    Ok, maybe I'm just weird but I felt the need to point this out. It seems that almost every important plot point in many of the Mass Effect games begins with the letter "C" Such as:

    Mass Effect The main hub of the galaxy is the CITADEL

    You are competing with Saren to find the CONDUIT

    On Feros Shiala gives you the CIPHER

    Mass Effect 2 The Normandy is destroyed by a COLLECTOR ship.

    You spend the game gathering a squad to launch an attack on the COLLECTOR base.

    Mass Effect 3 You find blueprints of a prothean device codenamed Project CRUCIBLE

    To get the CRUCIBLE to work you have to find the CATALYST

    You discover that the CATALYST is in fact the CITADEL.

    Just saying. --The Shadow User 13:08, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The Shadow User

    OK, I know there is little to no information about this new piece of DLC. And I don't want to sound like a hyperactive, super-excited, about to wet himself, fan. But if the name for the DLC is Legit and it is called "Arrival" What do you think it will be about? Obviously the name is giving a hint to this but Arrival of what? My idea is that it details the Arrival of the Reapers, but I always thought they'd y'know wait until ME3 to have the Reapers actually appear? So I'm just curious of everyone else's opinion, if this thing goes the way i think it is, it may be even better than LotSB. --The Shadow User 06:01, March 1, 2011 (UTC)The Shadow User

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  • The Shadow User

    Solana Vakarian

    October 15, 2010 by The Shadow User

    After completing Lair of the Shadow Broker, one of the files on Garrus had a conversation between him and a Solana Vakarian, and from the way they spoke to each other it sounded as though they were, related like brother and sister (Correct me if im wrong) and that his mother waxs ill, but no mention of his father. Now my only question is, why wouldnt Garrus have ever mentioned he had a sister, or that his mother wasnt doing well? And where is his father now? Any ideas?

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  • The Shadow User

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say Samara is beautiful. She's graceful, gorgeous, and powerful. Yet, shes not a possible romance. That strikes hard at me. If you do the "romance" conversation with her, is there a possibility of her becoming a romance option in Mass Effect 3? What do you think? How many of you think Samara should be a romance option. I think, hell, give it to me in Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2! Please, I Love Samara!

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