The Primarch

aka Mike

  • I live in Los Angeles, CA
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Part-time Author
  • The Primarch

    I made a quick list (supplementary to Project: CARTOGRAPHER) of some undocumented star systems and planets. Not all of the planets are listed, but a good majority of them. Those in red have no article, those in blue do.

    Systems & Planets (Documented/Undocumented)
    • Aethon Cluster
    • Aru
    • Cherk Sab
    • Esori
    • Solu Paolis
    • Satu Arrd
    • Nalisin
    • Nura
    • Oma Ker
    • Arcturus Stream
    • Euler
    • Athena Nebula
    • Ialessa
    • Ilmnos
    • Sanves
    • Zylium
    • Trikalon
    • Nossia
    • Orisoni
    • Thissioni
    • Niacal
    • Kralla
    • Egalic
    • Parnitha
    • Kurinth
    • Thessia
    • Piares
    • Janiri
    • Athame
    • Tevura
    • Tomaros
    • Lusia
    • Niagolon
    • Pronoia
    • Beness
    • Vernio
    • Nauti
    • Promavess
    • Sotera
    • Tritogenith
    • Polissa
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  • The Primarch

    I came up with a list to pass the time of clusters, systems, and planets that need to either be inputed or updated. Normally I'd go about undertaking this sort of endeavor on my own (like the Nimbus Cluster) but there is far too much to do for one person. Since we are technically mapping out the galaxy, I—in turn—am dubbing this Project: CARTOGRAPHER.

    Being as new to the wiki as I am, I'm containing this idea to a blog post for now in the hopes of being led in the proper direction. Comments, ideas, etc?

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