No, I'm not going to be arguing about the Indoctrination Theory. I just wanted to compare the Indoctrination Theory to another interesting and somewhat similar theory, in the off chance that some of you don't know what it is. The theory, aptly called "Squall's Dead", is an interesting take on what happened to the Squall, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. This website shares some of the "clues" that could indicate that the latter half of the game is actually taking place in the main character's mind as he is dying.


I do like that they concede towards the end that the evidence is ultimately inconclusive, leaving it open to interpretation for some. This is a bit of a contrast to some Indoctrination Theorists (but not all) who fervently declared that the Indoctrination Theory was irrefutable fact. The ending is a bit bizarre (this is a JRPG), and like the original ending to Mass Effect 3, was obscure enough for people to interpret figuratively. Just some food for thought.

Did you find these two theories similar?

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