The news that multiplayer is going to be included in Mass Effect 3 has caused quite a stir lately, so I thought I would take the time to voice what I want from Galaxy at War.

  • Deep customisation. I would love a system like Uncharted 3 or Black Ops in which completing goals and killing enemies yields a sort of fiscal reward, one that can be used to purchase new weapons and armour etc.
  • Loot. Because I love loot.
  • A deep story. I realise of course that it is going to be integrated into the single player narrative, but I would like our co-op missions to be more than random objective prompts flashing on the screen with generic bad guys. Not that I'm worried. This is BioWare after all.
  • A zombies mode with Husks spawning non-stop until all players are dead a la Nazi Zombies.

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