People's opinions on the multiplayer are pretty mixed. I for one, love it. There is however, one thing it lacks: variety.

The Resurgence DLC was a fine distraction, albeit not a very long-lasting one. ME3's multiplayer can grow stale as time wears on. The following is my list of pure gold ideas to spruce up Mass Effect's multiplayer mode.


  • The Collectors. They were a formidable enemy in Mass Effect 2, but they need some more time in the lime light. Imagine if, instead of a Brute or a Banshee running after you, a Praetorian floated down and started shooting you and your team mates to hell. They were the main antagonists of the second game, why not give them an encore? Some reports show that the Collectors may not be entirely gone after all....
  • Mercs. 90% of the enemies you faced in Mass Effect 2 were mercenaries. How awesome would it be if we could face off against the Blood Pack, battling vorcha hordes and packs of varren led by charging krogan? Wouldn't it be great to see all those mechs return? The geth shouldn't be the only synthetic enemy we face in mutliplayer.


  • yahg. We've played as larger-than-life races before (the krogan) so why not these violent little guys? Last time I fought a yahg, it was more than a little hairy....
  • vorcha. Just as above, they are an extremely hostile and anti-social race, but they would be a lot of fun to play. We have met a vorcha willing to cooperate in the fight against the Reapers in single player, so not have them as a playable race? They are humanoid after all.


  • Zombie survival mode. How bout a horror-themed survival game mode a la Nazi Zombies? We all may have differing opinions on Call of Duty, but Nazi Zombies is pretty crazy. Surviving an endless onslaught of Husks, Abominations, and Thorian Creepers would be a fun way to spend the night with three friends. Maybe BioWare needs to jump on the Halloween DLC bandwagon....
  • A story-based co-op mode. Uncharted 3 implemented this very well. Give the player a clear but simple goal, and a linear mission structure, and you give them something new to do. Why not a challenging boss fight as well? Nothing says climax like a Thresher Maw attack!
  • Competitive multiplayer. I am a little iffy on this one, but I think it's worth a mention somewhere. It may be difficult to compete in an RPG, but Borderlands did it right? If a feature is bad but not forced, why not?
  • Mako Races! Alright, this last one is kind of silly, but everyone loves the Mako, right?


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