No, this is not an ending rant. Instead, I wanted to write about something that just happened to me. Halfway through Mass Effect 3, my game froze. No big deal, that happens a lot. When I rebooted the game, however, I found that I that the "resume" option was no longer available. Checking my saved data utility confirmed what I already knew; all of my saves for my character were corrupt. After hours of gunfights, dialogue trees, and micromanaging, all my hard work was undone in a second. Now, I am forced to start all over.

The worst part? This isn't the first time. Another character file of mine was corrupted in Mass Effect 2. Halfway through the game, I was forced to start over from scratch. This issue is somewhat uncommon, but can still be devastating.

What irks me the most however, is that this kind of problem only happens to me in Mass Effect. I have had corrupted save data for games like Skyrim, but I always had a back up save. Saving twice at the end of a session ensures that even if one goes kaput, I have another to rely on. With Mass Effect, this isn't possible. All the saves for one character are lumped together, leaving me vulnerable to corruption. Sure, this is more convenient, but couldn't it have been done in a way that minimises the risk of losing all my progress?

What about you guys? Has anyone else had this problem?

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