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    Mass Effect's movie adaptation could be in some serious trouble.

    I found some interesting news after browsing online about the Mass Effect movie. Legendary Pictures, the studio in charge of the game's big screen adaptation, has decided to throw in a wild card.

    Mark Protosevich, the writer of I Am Legend, was originally in charge of adapting Mass Effect's story into script format. As of late, however, Legendary has tossed him out and left the fate of the movie to the novice hands of an unpublished screenwriter.

    His name is Morgan Davis Foehl, and apparently, the guy's only major contribution to the movie industry is working as the assistant editor of this movie. Currently, he's working on a comic-book-to-movie adaptation, and his style is said …

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  • The Inceptionist

    This is my first blog, so bear with me if it isn't great.

    I was playing through ME2 a few days ago, imagining what multiplayer would've been like if it was developed for the game (I'm glad it wasn't), and I came up with some ideas that I found interesting for a ME3 multiplayer DLC. I came up with a lot, so prepare yourself.

    Eclipse Asari

    • Barrier
    • Reave
    • Biotic Spear: A biotic attack concentrated into the shape of a long spike and propelled at the enemy. Does bleed damage for 6 seconds and can impale enemies to walls when fully upgraded.
    • Eclipse Commando (Passive)
    • Fitness

    Blue Suns Batarian

    • Juggernaut: Gives the user a riot omni-shield which deflects all damage for a limited amount of time. When juggernaut is in use, power weapon damage increases; pow…

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