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A humble suggestion

May I humbly suggest that in the slam article, third point in the Player Notes section, somebody mentions what happens when you use that power (My absolute favourite) in Arrival: Escape With Your Life if given to Shepard?

When you use slam on the Project guards after you exit the Project Base as you make your way to the comm tower they will shoot straight up into the air, and then implode (I think) at a certain height. A small blue explosion briefly appears in the sky when the enemy you used slam on dies. I had to pan the camera up some to see the explosion. It only works on the Project guards, not the YMIR Mech.

For some reason I feel that this is worth noting, since the third point in the Player Notes section mentions what happens when you use slam in the Collector ship and base, and on the exterior of the Shadow Broker base.

The preceding is a suggestion, not a proposal.

I'm posting this as a blog as I feel I will waste talk page space with this topic.

FYI: I WILL NOT TOLERATE cursing, arguments, or insults in this or any of my future blog posts. Keep it civil please. Thank you

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