I'm in a debate with a friend of mine over the idea that the Reapers upload a victims' mind into a Reaper-Larvae when they break them down. He claims that doesn't occur but then here on this wiki, under "Harvesting", I showed him this:

"Once in the pods, the victims are dissolved into a raw genetic "paste" for ease of transport. This paste will then be used in the construction of a newborn Reaper, with the victims' minds being preserved to form the Reaper's gestalt consciousness. The only known facilities used for Reaper construction are located on the Citadel and within the Collector Base in the galactic core."

He went on to claim that there's no source for this in the article. I had mentioned to him about what Legion says at the end of ME2 regarding 'billions of minds uploaded'. His answer for that Legion never explicitly stated that the uploaded minds were those victims in the Collector Base and whatnot.

My question is, are there any other references to the Reapers harvesting the consciousness of their victims in-game?

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