I've noticed a recurring theme in the last few messages from Admiral Hackett regarding Multi-Player events. Take a look.

The August 28 announcement regarding the success of Operation: Alloy says this: "...Operation ALLOY did not go strictly as planned. Sweeps in what should have been relatively low-risk areas were met with heavy enemy resistance." Hackett's message also states, "we need to be aware that the unexpected resistance faced by our soldiers may be symptomatic of a larger issue. We’ve been receiving a number of strange reports that are inconsistent with our knowledge of Reaper ground troop movement. At this point, intel is vague at best."

The announcement of Operation: Vigilance, posted on September 5 states, "Unexpected attacks have taken out several squads and damaged vital Alliance equipment."

In the subsequent announcement on September 11 regarding the operation's failure, Hackett says "As mentioned in previous communications, we’ve seen a number of reports describing unusual enemy activity. Operation VIGILANCE was prompted by the latest in a string of unexpected attacks." He also says "It is clear they knew what we were trying to do," and ends the message ominously with, "The Reapers have a plan" (sidenote: Anyone else think Battlestar Galactica upon reading that?).

So, let's summarize: the Alliance has faced unexpected attacks and faced unexpectedly heavy resistance and that the Reapers are acting differently than expected, apparently as part of a larger strategy, and that they knew the Alliance was coming (a traitor?).

I would say this may be foreshadowing for a future operation, but these statements have now spanned two operations and three messages, something I don't think they've done up to this point. We haven't seen a MP DLC since July, so it would seem plausible that we may see something new there, perhaps adding new Reaper forces. What makes this even more interesting is that there's a screenshot shown at Comic-Con showing Shepard looking at a mystery ship (Collector? Cerberus? Reaper? Alliance?) It would be really cool if there were a tie-in between single-player and multi-player story-wise.

So, what do you think?

UPDATE: This comes from the recent announcement of the success of Operation: Patriot: "The drones we deployed captured Cerberus data detailing unusual Reaper movement and intelligence. Ballistic analyses and postmortem examinations conducted by Cerberus scientists confirm a new offensive strategy."

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