An April 10 post post on the Bioware Blog announces a survey on Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Maps. The survey will be open for one week from April 10. I took the survey last night. It's kind of long and boring. For each map, it asks you if you play the map, how satisfied you are with the layout, how satisfied your are with the visuals, how difficult you find the map, and lets you comment on each map. It treats the hazard versions at separate maps. I generally had no strong opinions on each map. I did comment that I thought Jade is the hardest firebase bar none, that the city in the background on the Hazard version of Ghost reminds me of Batman: Arkham City, that the reactor on the hazard version of Reactor should cooldown automatically, and that I did see how the hazard version of Giant is a hazard.

A bigger question is what is the purpose of this survey? They've said Reckoning was the last MP DLC, so surely they're not going to add more maps. Could they be considering removing maps? I hope not, but if so, remove Jade; I hate that map. Could this be crowd-sourcing to get some pointers on doing multiplayer for Dragon Age III (which will have MP) or the next Mass Effect game (which probably will)?

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