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  • TheSick56
    When I first saw Mass Effect 1 in some commercials, I thought "great! another RPG Im gonna avoid"!,because RPG's weren't really my thing at the time, I was more into Halo and Call of Duty. A year or two after Mass Effect 1 was released, I was at a gamestop and needed a new game to play, by then I already beat Fallout 3 for a 2nd time and started to like RPG's more. I noticed Mass Effect on a shelf for $15 and said to myself " well, might as well try it out. it can't be bad.", and after I beat it for the first time, I was amazed, amazed that a game as good as Mass Effect even existed. As far as I know, or can even remember, I've beaten Mass Effect 1 over 5 times with one character. My characters name was Dax (im not sure why I named him… Read more >

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