• TheRello99

    Mass Effect Enemies

    October 22, 2012 by TheRello99

    Unfortunately I do not know whether this belongs as a blog or not. Sadly, I'm a quote, unquote "blog noob" however I felt this needed to be asked.

    Throughout the Mass Effect games, we have encountered many enemy types. From the irritatingly powerful Banshee in Mass Effect 3, to the annoying Geth Hoppers in Mass Effect 1 and of course, the strongest enemy of the entire series: Wilson from Mass Effect 2. So powerful, he needed to be killed in a cutscene to contain his overwhelming powers (which consisted of a Level 1 Overload. Shut up Brackets. NO YOU!!)

    Many of these enemies have fairly the same abilities as Commander Shepard and his squadron however there are those enemy types with unique abilities. Examples being the Geth Prime with his Dis…

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